Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

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Several lakhs of candidates apply for government jobs in India every year for thousands of job opportunities provided by the Indian government. A lot of candidates choose these government jobs for various perks and amenities that come with the job and the salary doesn’t hurt either. These jobs provide higher income with a lot less work pressure. A lot of people working in the private sector also prefers the lifestyle that these jobs present as they can provide them with job security and work-life balance that the private sector can’t. You can try for these jobs after completing high school or after graduation. All these jobs have entrance exams with various stages, you can prepare for them if you want a shot at these jobs. In this article, we will look at 10 of the highest paying government jobs in India, their perks, entrance exams, and a lot more. Mentioned below are the government jobs we are going to focus on here:

  • Defense Services
  • IAS and IPS
  • Indian Foreign Services
  • Indian forest services
  • RBI Grade B Officer
  • PSU
  • State Services Commissions
  • ASO in the Ministry of External Affairs
  • Scientists in ISRO and DRDO
  • Lecturers in Government Colleges

1. Defense services

A career in defense services requires tremendous amounts of discipline and obedience. You not only have to be physically strong but mentally as well as it is a very taxing job. Though it comes with a lot of perks too, like health cover, subsidized food, transportation, excellent accommodation facilities along with pension after retirement. The salary in defense services is around sixty thousand rupees with complete DA. To enter the forced candidates have to pass the different entrance exams like NDA, AFCAT, and CDS first. The candidates must have high school education to take the NDA exam and graduate-level education for AFCAT, and CDS.

2. IAS and IPS

The union public service commission conducts the civil service examination which is responsible for recruiting candidates for the posts of IAS and IPS depending upon the marks they obtained in the examination. It is a very competitive and tough entrance exam as thousands compete for very few vacancies every year. That is because the job comes with amazing benefits like excellent accommodation facilities, personal vehicles with a driver. You also get benefits like security guards, frequent raises in salary, and leaves for studying in foreign countries.

3. Indian Foreign Services

Indian foreign service is one of the most prestigious government jobs in our nation. The recruitment for this job is also conducted by the UPSC through the civil services exams. The candidates with the best scores are offered this post with the pride and opportunity to represent their nation in the world. This job comes with lucrative benefits like overseas accommodation, medical treatment expenses, abroad study options, retirement benefits, and pension. This job comes with a salary of around sixty thousand rupees.

4. Indian Forest Services

If you love spending your time with nature then this is the perfect job for you. This job allows you to connect with the vast flora and fauna of our country which itself is a major perk. The recruitment for IFoS is also done by the marks obtained in the civil services exams conducted by the UPSC. The starting salaries for IFoS officers are around fifty-two thousand rupees along with the DA. However, it also includes various perks like accommodation facilities with an in-house helper, personal vehicles with a driver, and frequent raises in salary.

5. RBI Grade B Officer

RBI Grade B officer is one of the most coveted jobs in India. To be eligible for this job the candidate must appear for the three-stage RBI exams through which the candidates are selected. For all the candidates that can’t get enough of the financial system and the numbers, this is the best job with an average starting salary of around sixty-seven thousand rupees. In addition, it also includes various perks such as 3 BHK accommodations, free education for their children, 180 liters of petrol per annum, and medical allowances.

6. PSU

The jobs offered by the Public Sector Undertaking are perfect for the candidates who don’t prefer working in the corporate sector and would much rather work with the PSU. The recruitment is done by entrance exams in two stages i.e. exam and personal interviews. The engineering candidates have to take the GATE exam. The average starting salary is around fifty-two thousand along with the DA. the salary increases depending upon your work and the position offered. Let’s look at the perks that come along with this job which include free medical insurance, retirement benefits, easy to get loans, performance-based incentives accommodation facilities in the Company.

7. State Services Commission

After UPSC, SSC is the most second preferred exam throughout the country as it recruits candidates to fill up ministries/departmental jobs. It recruits by conducting various exams like SDM, ETO, DSP, and many others for the candidates. The average starting salary is around forty-five thousand rupees but it can vary across different states. The job comes with amazing benefits like a furnished house, decrement in electricity, a driver for the car, pension after retirement, medical allowances, paid leaves, and many more.

8. ASO in the Ministry of External Affairs

It is a very sought after job due to its international postings which means if you have a heart of traveler with a will to serve your country this is the perfect job for you. To be eligible for this job you need to have a graduate-level education and clear the SSC CGL Exam with high ranking. The salary of External Affairs officers varies from 1.25 lakh to 1.8 lakh. They also get perks like extensive medical care in prestigious hospitals of the country, your children go to the best American/British International Schools. Fully furnished accommodation is provided which is better than the Govt accommodation provided to any other officials. 

9. Scientists in ISRO and DRDO

Well if you love researching and developing new things and space this is the perfect job for you. To apply for this job you must have a master’s in your respective field. The job pays an average salary of around sixty thousand rupees with amazing perks like well-furnished accommodation facilities, vehicles to travel freely, medical and educational allowances, and frequent promotions depending on your work.

10. Lecturers in Government Colleges

If you have look for teaching and want to have more free time in your day this is the job for you. Lecturers are coveted and respected among everybody. The job pays a salary ranging from forty thousand to one lakh it all depends on how much experience you have taught. More the experience, the more the salary. To be eligible for this job you must have your masters in your respective discipline and must qualify UGC Net along with JRF. The exam is an objective type one fifty questions which the candidate has to complete in three hours. They enjoy many benefits like paid leave, pension after retirement, medical care, and accommodation facility.

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