Latest Government Jobs For MCA Graduates 2020

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In today’s technology-driven world, everything is being integrated with existing technology. Healthcare is being integrated to information technologies to create better and more secure databases, business is being integrated with websites to stretch their reach beyond the Indian subcontinent, security is being integrated with the internet to monitor threats 24*7, finance is getting digitized to reduce errors, the list goes on and on. This fast-paced transformation has elicited the need for technologically capable professionals in the workplace—people who can help with this so-called “integration”. That’s why Government Jobs For MCA graduates are one of the most demanded professionals in the world.

Career for a MCA Graduates:

MCA (Master of Computer Application) is a professional master’s degree program in Computer Science. Its duration is of three years, consisting of 6 semesters, and includes several subjects like Finance, Accounting, Mathematics, Programming Languages like Java, C++, ASP .Net, Web Development, Database Management Systems. The opportunities for an MCA graduate are virtually limitless as there is almost every sector that requires technological intervention. Not only private companies, but government sectors are also on the continuous lookout for MCA Graduates. So today we have comprised a list of all the latest options available for you out there if you’re planning on taking a government job after completing MCA. So without any more delay let’s get started with our list of government Jobs for MCA Graduates.

Latest Government Jobs For MCA Graduates-2020

Name of PostTotal VacanciesGovernment OrganisationLast Date
Member Technical Support Staff 02STPI20/09/2020
Graduate / Technician Apprentices (Computer Application / IT / Computer Engineering) 09Cochin Shipyard Limited08/09/2020
Data Analysts, System Administrator, Data Analyst, Administrators 39RBI05/09/2020
System Analyst, Information Scientist 02Central University of Orissa31/08/2020
Specialist Officers 11NHB Bank28/08/2020
PO / MT 1417+IBPS26/08/2020

1. Government Jobs for MCA Graduates as Software Developer

The job of a software developer is to test out the software and program it according to the needs of their clients. The work of a software developer is technically demanding. An individual looking forward to working as a software developer after completing their MCA should ensure that they are well versed with programming languages.

2. Government Jobs for MCA Graduates as System Analyst

The job of a System Analyst is to serve as a connection between business clients and the software developer. Their job is to analyze the current IT architectures and provide insightful solutions to improve the overall efficiency of their client’s business. They lay out the motives of the clients to the software developer. As the job has managerial aspects, it is well paid.

3. Government Jobs for MCA Graduates as Hardware Engineer

The Hardware Engineer’s work is to install and maintain all the physical components of computers. All the latest technologies that are used by a company remain functional due to the efforts of the Hardware Engineers. Since this is technically demanding and is a requirement of every organization, Hardware Engineers are much sought after by various Central and State govt departments and thus candidates can expect a fairly high salary.

4. Government Jobs for MCA Graduates as Data Scientist

A company has many components, big and small, that try to function together to bring the results that match with that company’s motto. But because of such a large number of components, it becomes difficult to find the underlying problems whenever there is a loss or decrement inefficiency. It is for this scenario that a data analyst is kept. Their job is to regularly monitor structured as well as unstructured data to ensure that efficiency is maintained. A data scientist’s work involves making sense of messy, unstructured data, from several sources. This will be a great Government job for MCA Graduates who are good at statistics, Mathematics, and have a general interest in analysis.

5. Government Jobs for MCA Graduates as Troubleshooters

Imagine this: you are opening an application on your Windows PC but an error message pops up and tells you that it can’t find the file. The message suggests you try troubleshooting. Just like this, a troubleshooter’s job is to come to the rescue whenever their client’s technological infrastructure fails to deliver results. Their job is to search for problems in and outside the system and repair them immediately. 

6. MCA Graduates in Web Designers and Developers

The internet has changed the world into a global market where websites do the selling. Every business needs a website. For creating one, clients hire web developers and web designers. The designer’s work is to focus on the appearance (called “front end” ) and the developer’s work is to focus on the working (the “back end”) of the website. In our list of Government Jobs for MCA Graduates, this is probably the most profitable career, as every organization needs a website. And the demands for web development will ever increase in the coming years.

7. MCA Graduates in Cloud Architect

Cloud computing is the use of remote servers for storing and retrieving data. A cloud Architect is responsible for keeping these cloud servers uptight and running. This is a booming job the demands of which will only grow with time. So, for anyone who is looking for MCA jobs, Cloud Architect should surely be on their yes-list. In the future, it is believed that cloud computing shall be used for remote functions too.

8. MCA Graduates in Cyber Security

Not all things that came with the advent of the Internet are helpful. In the past years, the incidents of phishing, malware, e-blackmailing, identify thefts, and other internet malpractices have increased considerably. Thus, there is a need for professionals who can keep an eye out for these crimes and help an organization stay secure amongst the dangers. This calls for a cybersecurity expert. Consider them as the security guards of the internet—they monitor the internet for any suspicious activities and punish the doers. 

9. MCA Graduates in Technical Writing

This is especially interesting for those MCA Graduates who have a knack for writing. In short, this job gives the candidate the opportunity to write technical documents like Instruction Manuals, White Papers, Product Description, Design Specifications, Project Plan, etc. If you’re a techno-enthusiast and love writing, then this is the dream job for you. 

10. MCA Graduates in App Development

Last but not least on our list of Government Jobs for MCA Graduates, we have app developers. Accept it or not, maximum consumers use mobile phones rather than laptops or PCs. So, this necessitates the need for a mobile app for all businesses. So, an app developer is responsible for creating and maintaining mobile applications for their clients. This job is slowly gaining reception and so going into this field will be great for an MCA graduate as the payment will only increase with time.

Final Words

So, there are many career opportunities after MCA. Candidates seeking MCA jobs in coding and programming languages can go into software development. Likewise, those interested in management-related work can work as data or software analysts. Subsequently, the individual who wishes to do more creative work can go for Web Design and Development. In conclusion, the options are many and in the end, the decision rests purely on the candidates. We hope you found this article on Government Jobs for MCA Graduates, help and hope to see you next time. Till then, bye-bye!

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